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Carnegie Council Podcasts

Sep 28, 2022

The application of AI in the health sector has been touted as a gamechanger for diagnostics, disease prevention, precision medicine, and more. But it hasn't always lived up to its promise, its transformational potential undermined by a mixture of common business hurdles and the human body's idiosyncrasies. Yet, the promise of AI-driven healthcare is still alive. In this episode, Carnegie New Leader Geoff Schaefer explores these past challenges and future promises with Jessica Lamb and Liz Grennan of McKinsey.

Liz Grennan is an expert associate partner in McKinsey Digital. She advises clients on a wide variety of risk, strategy and ethics issues related to data, AI/ML and technology. Previously at McKinsey, Grennan built and led the McKinsey Digital legal and risk teams globally.

Jessica Lamb is a partner in McKinsey’s healthcare and public sector practice. Since joining in 2008, she has served clients across the healthcare industry, including payors, providers, and health care services. Lamb’s work has primarily been targeted at creating health care value and fleveraging analytics to improve performance and outcomes.

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