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Carnegie Council Podcasts

Dec 5, 2022

In the final episode of the AI for Information Accessibility podcast, host Ayushi Khemka talks to Dr. Eleni Stroulia and Dr. Martha White, both professors in the Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta. Stroulia is also the director of the university's AI4Society Signature Area, while White is the PI of the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute. They discussed the issues around AI, IA and gender, exploring both the pedagogical and industrial contexts, shedding light on how to situate gender equity as a guiding principle in AI and the different ways in which gender comes up in a computing science classroom. The conversation concluded with a discussion on the representation problem in AI and allied fields, while holding space for women's experiences in tech at large.

The AI4IA podcast series is in association with the Artificial Intelligence for Information Accessibility 2022 Conference, which took place on September 28 to commemorate the International Day for Universal Access to Information. The AI4IA Conference and the podcast series are also being hosted in collaboration with AI4Society and the Kule Institute for Advanced Studies, both at the University of Alberta; the Centre for New Economic Diplomacy at the Observer Research Foundation in India; and the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica.

To access conference presentations, use this link.